Sarah Pye

Sarah has a few different styles, though they can all be recognised by her distinctive use of bold colour and light.
From  pointillist woodlands and blossom, to floral meadows and atmospheric coastal scenes depicting fun times by the sea.

Sarah uses many layers of Acrylic paint in her work, both loose, splashy and heavy impasto. There is always a sense of playfulness and Impressionism in her work, and her aim is to make you smile.


Liz Chaderton

Pure Animal Magic! If you’re a lover of nature and her fauna, then Liz captures the Zeal and life in all animals both wild and domesticated. Its all in the eyes.
Liz’s  loose and vibrant watercolour and mixed media animals, with a twinkle in their eye and a feeling of being alive, will capture your imagination and your heart.


Clare Buchta

Atmospheric and evocative oils with delicious muted pallets. Clare’s unique style is contemporary in feel and her use of colour exceptional whilst depicting scenes that we can all recognise, evoking memories of a day.

Julie Adlard

Stunning scenes in delicious colours with a quirky feel. Quintessentially English harbours, semi-abstract landscapes, London cityscapes and beautiful Italian scenes of Venice and the Amalfi coast. Julie’s images are created with clay, which then becomes an inextricable  part of her canvas giving a three-dimensional relief and a tactile texture that can’t help but demand a closer look...


Debbie Page

Beautiful sculptural Moon Jars and decorative pails . Debbie’s shapes and forms are strong and unique . Her circular moon Jars with their vibrant colours and shine are stand alone pieces, adding an eye catching feature to any room .

Her decorative pails with their raw natural wooden handles secured with raffia  are unusual and beautiful in their design . 


Kate Findlay

Kates works are always a deception on the eye. At first glance you’ll think it’s a painted impressionistic view drawn from an interaction with nature, but on closer viewing an intricate confetti of fabric depicts the scene before you......
Kate hand dyes her fabrics using natural vegetable and plant extracts making her work all the more unique.


Elaine King

nature inspired, glazed earthenware  ,with Silver  Birch Trees, Stipa grasses, Cow  Parsley seed heads and Poppy seed heads , that are both art and practical too . Vases, posy pots, Jugs and oil drizzlers combine the beautiful with the functional . The best of both worlds !

Howard Birchmore

Dancing light on water, whether a simple beach with waves crashing onto the shore, wet sand and glistening water or exquisite scenes of Venice in the evening light. Howard’s skill of playing with sunlight is second to none! He frequently paints en plein air and can be found on beaches around the British coast-line creating his dazzling sea-scapes .

Jill Chadwick

Glass Artist - capturing the light . Reflections of the world around us in stylised glass . From flowers to the crest of a wave, all brought to life by the light from a window or lamp . Casting a dancing rainbow of dappled colours when they’re placed in direct sunlight. 

Sarah Able

Sarah creates all her own glazes and subtle colours that are organically blended to create her own unique finishes ……

Hand thrown mugs , coiled vases and lovely polymer clay necklaces too …..each bead is hand rolled and the colours specifically intertwined to create striking one off pieces of lightweight and fun and colourful jewellery


Wendy Penrose

Working in silver clay, with organic shapes and ideas derived form the natural world around us. Wendy’s jewellery is ‘Art ‘ to be worn and her creations gleam with natural forms. Taking inspiration from the waves and shells , corals and honeycomb and other creations from Mother Nature that catch her eye.


Roger Kentish

Where the classical country home has a stags head adorning the wall,
Roger has created a distinctively more friendly version. Using reclaimed timber and alluring finishes such as verdigris and rust, his striking stags heads have a fun, and stylish air to them whilst feeling very British at the same time.


Alison Pink

Alisons Ceramic creatures with their embossed and sculptured Armour are both creatures of beauty, immense character, and skill. Each animal has a distinctive look and is frequently far from cute!  Making you smile at the quizzical and curious expressions she manages to capture so distinctively.


Caroline Gatfield

Pots from the centre of the earth. Some of Caroline’s new vases and pots have been created to look as if they are made from volcanic lava. Black and tactile in appearance. Simple in style, though elegant enough to decorate the most contemporary of homes. Her new ironstone bottles with running teal glaze look like water on sand and a reminder of a wave retreating on the shore .....


Maria Meerstadt

Small but perfectly formed Maria’s miniature coastal scenes manage to capture the clouds and coastline, the beach and a floral profusion before your eyes  ......a whole summer holiday in a 6” square!